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Title: My Adventure Book
Character(s): England, America
Pairing(s): USUK
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers for the movie Up. If you haven't seen it, really, why haven't you?
Summary: While cleaning up, England finds an interesting book in America's house.

Notes: Done for [ profile] usxuk's One Year Anniversary Project.

Theme #5- To love would be an awfully big adventure.- J.M. Barrie

Up was the first thing I thought of when I saw this quote. It's 4 pages long (not that you can tell, since it all kind of runs together) and crudely inked. My hand is really sore, but I guess it was a good experiment in inking. You can tell my hand just sort of died on the last page. This is my first proper fancomic, so paneling is nonexistent, as are transitions. It actually feels more like a series of interconnected panels, now that I look it over again.

4 pages or one superlong comic here )
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Title: Insults
Genre: Comedy? Is "insults" a genre?
Character(s): America, England, mentions of France
Pairings(s): None, really.
Length: 1020 words
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: Excessive insulting of France? Also un-beta'ed and unedited.
Summary: America sits at a bar insulting France. England joins in.

Disclaimer/Note: Ok, so hands up. Who watches The Daily Show? *looks around* Right, so I was watching Thursday's show earlier today, and they did a segment on Nicolas Sarkozy's comments on America's health care bill. It was SUCH a USUK moment, I couldn't resist Hetalia-fying it.

There'a a stream for the video in question here, though I don't know if you can view it outside the US. All the insults here are not mine; they were pretty much lifted straight from the video, though I did leave one out. I couldn't make what what John Oliver was saying, and I have the feeling I wouldn't understand the joke even if I did a stupid American is me. If someone could tell me what was said, I'd love to add it in, as that particular section feels kind of thin without it.

Stupid France. He didn't have to be so snide... )

If you see any typos or grammatical mistakes, please tell me!


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